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AROUND Campsite Pros


There are a lot of things to do around our park in Big Bend, CA 

Outdoor & Adventure Activities:


Fishing: If your goal is to catch fish we have you covered.


PIT RIVER: From the riverfront at the park, upstream or downstream the Pit River boasts the best trout fishing in California. Get the latest fishing reports from Orvis. Our park is located on the Pit 5 section of the Pit River. A 7 minute Drive will get you to Pit 4 Dam and a 25 minute Drive will get you to the bottom of Pit 3. It takes 44 minutes to get you to the top of Pit 3 and Lake Britton. 


IRON CANYON RESERVOIR: CampSite Pros Pit River RV Park and Campground is Located 5.8 miles from Iron Canyon Reservoir which also boasts great fishing. Plus it's regularly planted. You will find the planting report and get the latest reports on fishing at Iron Canyon from NorCal Fishing Reports. Iron Canyon Reservoir impounds water diverted from the McCloud River and contains Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout. This reservoir provides an opportunity for canoeing, kayaking and float tubing.

TUNNEL RESERVOIR: 2.1 Miles from our park this reservoir is has some great catches. Recently we took out a couple for their first fishing experience in our area and to their surprise it was one of those, every cast gets a bite days. Landing over a dozen fish each in a short matter of time they couldn't be more delighted.  Sometimes you just are in the right place at the right time. We'd like to think that is pretty often around here. Maybe that's why many of our guests ask us not to tell anyone about fishing here. You can keep a secret, right?

Hot Springs: Are you a master at soaking in a hot spring?  Check this out!


Kosk Hot Springs: This is a hot spring located along the Kosk Creek in Big Bend, California.  Kosk Hot Springs boasts two rock walled geothermal springs.  The hot springs currently are free to the public.  This all natural spring is clothing optional.  This is on private property but owner lets enthusiasts use the hot springs free of charge.  Please be respectful.  The GPS for the (Hot Springs): N 41°01.941' W 121°55.946' | 41.03235, -121.93243   The GPS  for the (Trailhead): N 41°02.388' W 121°55.759' | 41.03980, -121.92932


Hunt Hot Springs:  This hot spring is on Kosk Creek.  Hunt Hot Springs water is very hot and it flows out at about 170 degrees Fahrenheit. The source hot water feeds two adjoining rock and concrete tubs, then flows to the creek. Depending on weather conditions, the water temperature in the tubs range between 110°F and 140°F . You can use already built pools at the edge of the creek or even build your own one. The temperature can be adjusted by allowing the creek water to flow in. The GPS for the (Hot Springs): N 41°02.016' W 121°55.900' | 41.03360, -121.93167  The GPS  for the (Trailhead): N 41°02.388' W 121°55.759' | 41.03980, -121.92932 Received a email from Elaine stating these are closed. Verify before going. 

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